Friday, June 6, 2008

Shamas in Germany

First posted July 26, 2007

Members of the Forum may be pleased to know that its Shama section has attracted the interest of softbill enthusiasts in other parts of the world including Germany. Mr. Herbert Whitt, a German, asked for my consent to translate and publish text and photographs from my website and from my postings on the Forum. I readily agreed so that information on the Shama will be available not only to English speaking readers but also to those who are not conversant with the language. I have also given my consent to my material from my website and the Forum to be translated into Vietnamese.

The translations appeared in articles in 4 issues of the magazine "Vze Vogelwelt" including a cover of Dream below:

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  1. About 40 years ago when exotic birds were readily available in Germany I kept a verity of Soft-bills.The main feature was a pair of White Rumpet Shamas. I kept them in a 80 sqm well planted Aviary together with other Soft bills. I was feeding them mainly with Meal-worms,a good commercial Soft-bill-Mix and some Insects which I collected on my property. The pair was breading readily in a half open nest box.These pair provided me with good Offspring every year. In Winter I kept my Exotics in a heated Room which was connected to the Aviary. Now I am living in Australia and the chance of owning a Shama ( because of the very harsh import restrictions ) is zero.