Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beginners - Beginning in Shamas

hi i was searching through the web abt shama and i came across your website,and i must admit that i am impressed and ur the best person who i think can help me.
im actually l00king for a shama.i noe nuts about shama but i like the shama alot..i have a few putih's,jambul's and canaries at home..can i knoe where i can buy shama's around singapore or maybe i can buy one that u breed?
hope to hear from u soon!

thanks in advace,

Hi Farhan,

A person who intends to keep shamas needs to be able to provide insects, small fish and other "live" food on a daily basis in addition to dry food. The shama is insectivorous and without live food it is not possible for the bird to realise its full potential.

Since you are just starting with shamas, you should preferably try to get one one that is easy to maintain. A tame shama with tails of 6" to 7" that is in good condition should not cost more than $350.00 to $600.00.

My shamas are not suitable for beginners. They have been selectively bred for song, character, structure and tails. Their tails are very long - in excess of 12" - and birds with such tail length, when rarely available, are sold for thousands of dollars. Also, without knowledge and experience, it is difficult to keep the tails and the birds in perfect condition.

I regret that I am not in a position to recommend any bird shops that may sell shamas. I do not visit the shops to see what shamas they might have.

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