Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Letter from Yogi

Below is a letter that my friends and I received from Yogi of Indonesia. Yogi has a deep knowledge of the shama species in Indonesia and their care. His many wonderful birds can be seen at his photobucket website: http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w160/muraiku/. He is also one of the Super Moderators of the Indonesian songbird website www.kicaumania.org. Much can be learnt from him.

From: Prayogi
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2007 9:41 AM
To: Axel Voeltz; Shama - David
Cc: Andy Doan
Subject: Re: Emailing: Copsychusmalabaricusleggei2-1


Hai How are you ...

Too long I never contact you ... talking about the birds especially Shama. I believe all of you still hobbies with shama like me. I am more crazy with shama until now, I have about 20 shama's at my home. Shama call a Murai Batu in my country, my shama most of from Sumatra, especially
from North Sumatra (Medan). The Shama from Medan area is very famous and the best shama in my country for competition.

Surprised ! but make me worry due to your email. After I was looking for
your topic, I found at "Malaysia Bird Forum" about Post subject:

White-rumped Shama Copsychus malabaricus subspecies by Arjan.

Talking about Shama (White rumped shama) in my country, as general can classification:

1. Shama Sumatra + Include Nias island

2. Shama Java+Bali (Include Kangean island)

3. Kalimantan/Borneo

- Shama from Sumatra island has specific too:

* from North of Jambi to Medan/Aceh --> has specific feature: bigger than others location, long tailed, sharp feather of color , more various song than others

* from South of Jambi south to South of Sumatra (Lampung) --> usually has long tail

* from Borneo kalimantan/Borneo --> has a specific feature: long tailed,
color of feather less sharp than other location, when singing feather of
breast will be inflated.

I don't understand what Arjan's explained at the "Malaysia Bird Forum" ,
beside he got from http://www.orientalbirdimages.org also he might be got from the other web site, make me confused.

* C.m. indicus ---> I think immature or less vitamin or mineral when growing up

* Shama with dots on wings --> female

* Cosychus niger --> female

* The brown tailed Shama --> the same bird, see finger

I have about 20 shama, partly I put at www.photobucket.com/, next time I will put completely, please see my shamas at http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w160/muraiku/

I can not explained too more ... talking about shama is interesting, sometime every location has characteristic event as general same
color, but cause of situation, environment or due to less vitamins and
mineral the color should be less different.

Bird song hobbies in my country has a group, one of Super Moderator is me please come to our web site just to see picts of shama. Go to Forum "Murai Batu" and I always there. Our web site is www.kicaumania.org.

I am sorry due to my job that way seldom contact you ....

Uncle Voeltz, I see your picture ....



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