Thursday, July 3, 2008

Breeding Shamas: Male Moulting

Molting Male

My female is sitting on 3rd batch egg (espected to be hatched in 8 days time provided the eggs are fertile), but male started molting and now is about 20%. Wings & head feather starts dropping

Should i remove the male out from aviary now or after the chick reach 20 days? Or no action needed and let the male in the avairy.

There is a good chance the eggs will be infertile as the male will likely not have mated with the female as it is entering into molt. However, the female should be allowed to continue to brood the eggs just in case any are fertile. If the female has sat on the eggs for 3 days or more, it is safe to remove the male as she will continue to sit. Alternatively, you can leave the male with her until the eggs hatch or they have proved to be infertile.

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