Monday, November 3, 2008

Update of 2008 Breeding Season

Monday 3rd November 2008

Yesterday was a busy day. My close friend and I have been formulating a dry food for our shamas and yesterday morning we had an ongoing assessment of the results with consideration of possible other ingredients and methods of preparation.

As recently mentioned, I had decided to stop breeding shamas for this year. However, my close friend is highly impressed with the character of Cochise and wanted to have an offspring from his mother. I therefore paired her to Legend yesterday. The birds took to each other immediately. The female is ready to nest and I expect her to commence nest-building today or within the next day or so. As the pairing is solely to provide a male offspring for my friend, I expect to take only one nest from her before separating the pair.

Michael decided to breed Super Model and the female was paired with him yesterday evening.

Those who acquired Icon's chicks from this year have much to look forward to based on the results of last year. At least one of the chicks from last year now has tails of 17" or more. The offspring last year with the shortest tails (10.25"), now has tails of about 12" after the second moult from juvenile. Icon's chicks also have strong character and very good display.