Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apache's 2nd Nest

As can be seen from the earlier photos, the 3 chicks from Apache's first nest are developing well. Below is the 2nd nest of chicks. They are 3 days old.

There seems to be 2 males from the first nest. A close friend will have his choice of the males. I will keep the remaining 2 chicks as well as the chicks from the 2nd nest.

I will breed the parents once more as I have promised the entire third nest to another close friend who will take all the chicks when they are about 8 days old. I will then separate the pair even though it appears from their high form at this time that they are capable of having several more nests if I allow them. Thereafter, I hope I will be satisfied for the time being with what I already have and will not be tempted to breed more shamas this year.

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