Monday, July 13, 2009


The video below of Jeffrey Low's DDS239 was taken yesterday. It is just over 3 months old and it is now in heavy molt. When the nutrition and care are correct, the bird will molt quickly with the feathers dropping and regrowing fast but the bird will still have energy and not appear to be a fluffy ball.

Look closely at the bird and you will see that its body feathers are changing. It has lost all the feathers on its head and new pin feathers are growing. It should have a full head of feathers in about a week but the rest of the body will take many months before the molt completes.

Even at this very young age, the potential of a bird can be gauged by the discerning eye. Despite its advanced molt the strong character of the bird shines through. Its display pattern of rapid tail wagging and fast movement can also be seen.

An attractive feature of DDS239's display is the sideways fan-like opening and closing of his 8 white tails. He also flips his wings at the same time that he fans his tails but this takes place in a blink and is barely perceptible. Even in slow motion, the opening and closing of his wings is only seen as a blur of movement. He also mixes moments of stillness with rapid,varied and eye-catching action. I have slowed parts of the video so that this display can be more clearly seen.

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