Sunday, August 2, 2009


Yesterday, my friend and I took a boat out to the same fishing spot, just off the Singapore coastline, that we had gone to on the last occasion that we went fishing. This time, it was even better than the last time. Although the fish were slightly less plentiful, they were bigger and on small hooks and light lines, several could not be controlled and we lost them. The photo shows what the 3 of us (including the boatman) caught in the space of 8 hours.

There was also a greater variety. I caught the Golden Trevally and the snapper at the bottom of the screen, each of which weighed a kilo or more. There were also a number of Trevally and other fish, including 1 Sweet Lips (below the Snapper) Boon Tong, Sagai, Kuning, Kambong.

We were also lucky with the weather yesterday. The whole day wasn't hot with the sun coming out for only about an hour.

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