Sunday, June 27, 2010

Male shama chick at 30 days old


  1. Good pair of legs. Very willing to flick the tail. The black ringed (not black feet) shamas when they come, should be better....hehehe.

    Btw, since we are friends, I shall not charge you for having the pleasure of keeping my birds at your place during the past week.

  2. Thanks Jeff,it was such a pleasure looking after your birds in addition to the many that I already own. I really enjoyed dispossessing my 15" bird of his cage just so that Nim would be comfortable and not spoil his tails. I should also mention the olfactory joy of cleaning your birds' s--t. I insist that you let me do it again. Don't trouble yourself by calling me. I'll call you but I am not sure when. Perhaps you should not wait by the phone.

  3. Please don't hesitate to call when the craving becomes unbearable. I certainly will not want to deprive my old friend of his new found olfactory addiction. I can fully emphatise with your condition - the PSS (pre-seventy syndrome).