Thursday, March 31, 2011

All my breeding aviaries, except 1, are outdoors so I usually wait until the rainy season is over before introducing the pairs.  Breeding was delayed this year as the rains fell until towards the end of February.  The skies have now cleared and breeding has commenced.

One interesting thing is that in past years, some of the females commenced brooding after only laying their 2nd or 3rd egg.  This always poses a problem as the earlier eggs hatch first and the mother is sometimes confused as to whether she should continue to sit on the unhatched egg(s) or feed the chicks.  This year though, every female so far has commenced brooding only after laying the 4th egg.

I had intended to reserve my only indoor aviary to prepare my birds for competition but I eventually decided to use it for breeding as it is my best aviary for breeding.  I placed Sky Hawk and a female in it.  She laid her 4th egg this morning and commenced brooding.

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