Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alan's Shamas

I would like to recommend the juvenile shamas (taimongs) of Alan Pang to those who may be interested in acquiring a young shama.

It is now mid-May and the bird shops should already be having taimongs for sale.  However, there are none or hardly any available.  Shamas and other softbills cannot be imported into Singapore and the AVA has been taking drastic action to enforce the ban.

The result is that the price of a wild-caught taimong (if available) has shot up to S$350.00 or more.

I have always maintained that the captive bred shamas should be superior to the wild-caughts and this has been proven in the past months.  Alan has a few taimongs that he bred.  The price may be slightly higher than the wild-caughts.  He has a website dedicated to shamas at:

Note: I no longer recommend Alan's shamas

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