Monday, May 23, 2011

I  found out yesterday that there will be a shama song competition at Block 159 Ang Mo Kio, Singapore, this coming Sunday, 29th May 2011. I had not expected the competition to be held and I am completely unprepared for it.  All my birds are nesting or molting.

The only shama I have that might be able to compete is Apache.  He has barely completed his molt and will usually take a month thereafter to come into good form.  However, he is a seasoned bird in the prime of his life and I may be able to get him into sufficiently good form in the 6 remaining days.  I do not, as yet, have a ticket and will try to get one on the morning of the competition.

BTW Ah Choon's 13" shama recently won its third competition in Penang, Malaysia.