Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vitamin B Complex (3)

 Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 11:47 AM

Hi David

I think there is some problems with my shama. I noticed that the feather under the body is turning to white colour instead of brown.

It also became very still and spend most of the day on the ground of the cage. Can you please advise me

Thank you



Hi Allan,

The feathers turning white is probably due a deficiency in minerals.  My experience has been that as a shama gets old, some of its feathers (usually the black tails) are unable, during molt, to absorb certain of the minerals that are required for pigmentation.  The result is the white colour.  The condition seems to be permanent as I have never seen feathers that have turned white revert to their original colour.  Apart from the change in colour, the bird is fine.

The cause of the bird being still and spending most of the day on the floor of the cage probably has nothing to do with the lack of minerals that cause the white feathers.  The most likely cause is a deficiency of Vitamin B Complex.  This vitamin is needed for the digestion of protein and also for the nerves to function properly.  A deficiency of this vitamin will result in the bird eating less.  Where the deficiency is great, the bird will get fits from which it may not survive.  Please check my blog on this topic.

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