Monday, October 14, 2013

Photos of young shama males

The first 2 photos below are of Flame's son, Rave.  He is 7 months of age and he has just completed his molt.  One feature that I try to breed true in my line of shamas is the ability to readily raise their long tails over their heads.  Rave, Chilli and several others have inherited this ability, but I was not able to capture the complete action with these shots.

This is Alpha's son from his third nest at 42 days of age. The early indications are that he will have long tails and exceptional character and display. He was bred by Michael.

This is Alpha's chick from his 4th nest.  The photo was taken yesterday evening by Michael.  It shows the chick just out of the nest-box and bewildered at the new world.  I would guess that it is male from the colour of the feathers and the good size head.

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