Thursday, February 20, 2014

Honeysucker in my garden

Every year there are birds nesting in my garden.  It may be a yellow-vented bulbul, dove, mynah or some other species.  Presently, a honeysucker has its nest in my garden.  It is a tiny bird that is not more than 4" in length.  Its long beak enables it to suck the nectar from the flowers and I suppose it chose my garden as its home as the plants are now flowering and there is plenty of nectar for it.  Also, it probably finds the insects that escape into the garden provide the protein that it needs for its young.

The honeysucker has built a beautiful nest hidden in the flowering plants.  Here it is:

The nest is many times larger than the bird.  It has managed to secure the nest to a green leaf and then ingeniously provided top cover by pulling a dead leaf over the nest and binding the leaf to it.

There were 3 eggs in the nest.  One hatched yesterday and this morning there were 2.  I only check the nest when the mother is away.  She perches on the branch of a nearby tree and watches my helper and I as we check the nest.  She does not seem to mind us. I have never seen the father.

I took a photo of the 2 chicks this morning.  In my hurry the photo is not properly focussed.

Just like newly hatched shama chicks, the very young honeysucker chicks do not know to fear humans and they will gape for food when they hear a sound as can be seen in the photo.

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