Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sunday Chai session

Below is another video of the chai session that my friends and I had last Sunday at Michael's home. The camera first focuses on Michael's 9 months old shama.  It then moves slightly right and lingers on NGTC's shama in front and my shama, Jazz, behind it. The camera then moves slightly right again to showcase Michael's eight months old shama (in front of the urn) before finally moving right again to show Darren's shama (banded AP144) in front, and behind it, the other shama brought by NGTC.

There will be a shama competition on 28th April 2014 and Michael intends to enter his 8 months old shama.  It has a very strong character and loves to compete.  I am sure it will do well although it is so young. I will post on how it performs.

Below are some photographs that I took last weekend of Falcon in the breeding aviary.  The female is Funkie's daughter.


  1. Hello David,Jeff and John,

    Breeding season has started here, first female has three eggs, the other two are building a nest.

    Greatings Sjef

    Falcon looks very good, good photographer to

  2. tail how many cm?