Monday, June 9, 2014

2014 Season

As visitors to this blog may know, I have made, and intend to make, shamas with my blue bands (i.e. shamas from my line), available to hobbyists within and outside Singapore.  Jeffrey has kindly agreed to assist me to provide buyers outside Singapore with shamas from my line and I see from his blog that 3 of my birds are already going to new homes.

The response to my invitation to persons who wish to purchase my line of birds to let me know of their interest has been overwhelming.  I try to keep the chicks for at least 75 days, when the chicks will be fully developed, so that the new owner and I can be more sure about how the chick will likely turn out.  May I ask all persons who have registered their interest with me to be patient and I will let you know as soon as there is something that may be within your budget.

Over the weekend we had a small gathering at Michael's home. Below is a video that I recorded on my handphone of his 7 months old male from Alpha and Killer which has just completed its molt.


  1. Argh! Missed out on all the fun on Sunday!

  2. Hi Mr. David, i'm choirul from indonesia. Please let me know how to get bird form you, delivery to indonesia and price.
    Thank u