Friday, July 18, 2014

Golden Boy

Below is a video of Golden Boy, nicknamed Ah Boy, shortly after his first molt from juvenile.  He was bred by Michael from Alpha and Killer and given to our friend, William Kwa, who now owns him.

The video shows Ah Boy in his new 28" cage.  He had been in a 26" cage but it was too small for him as his tails tended to hit the sides of the cage.  He had not been displaying much in the 26" cage but there was a big difference once he was transferred to the 28" cage.  He became much more active and his display started to incorporate jumping to the sides of the cage. As his form improves, I have no doubt that his display will further improve.

As a taimong, Ah Boy had the shortest tails of any of the progeny from Alpha and Killer.  His primary tails were only 4.75".  Michael had given him to William who had stressed that he wanted to have a short-tailed bird so that he would not need to have a large cage to house the bird.

Unfortunately!! for William, Ah Boy has turned out to have quite long tails - probably about 11" after the first molt, and the tails may be 13" or more after the 2nd or 3rd molt.

I think he is developing into a wonderful shama. Hopefully, he will turn out to be another "Spider Man" for William.  Many years ago, William had a shama named Spider Man. This wonderful bird would dash to the side, or cling upside down to the top of the cage and blast out his territorial song.

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