Friday, October 17, 2014

Letter from France

Below is a new blog on shamas by Loutfi (Huli Papu). It is in French but a transalation into English is available on the site: 

I also set out below an email that I received from Loutfi yesterday (16/9/14):

Hello David,

On the 18th of September, I sent to you fotos of a pair Shamas in very bad condition that I had just bought from a breeder here in France. You will find the foto of the female Shama that I sent to you, attached with this e-mail, as she was on 18th september.

Then, I took the "opportunity" to strictly apply your recommendations and using Jeffrey's Shama Food to see what will be the results.

You will find the results in the fotos that I just took today, the 16th October, that is to say not 1 month later and I think that the fotos speak better than words ...

I send you this first report regarding only the female because the male is still molting his tails ... and I should be able to give a report within a few weeks ... 

Warmest regards

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