Monday, October 27, 2014

Update on DDS265, "Samsom"

There are 4 posts that I have in mind to do and for which I already have the videos, photographs and materials.  These are:

1.  My impressions of the Samyong after keeping 2 males for 16 months with suggestions on how to care for it.

2.  Method to polygamously breed the white-rumped shama.

3.  Breeding Wax Worms

4.  A series of video grabs showing in pictures the attitude of an aggressive male shama in display. Below is a photo from the collection:

Please note that the above articles presently exist only in my mind and may be published in due course or not at all.

Meanwhile here is an update video on the molt of DDS265 in the 8 days since October 16.  Jeffrey says that the sheaths of the 2 primary feathers are still present and the feathers are still growing. I will post a further update when the molt is completed.

Somchai, who owns Samsom had also acquired Samsom's sister from Jeffrey. Here she is after the first molt under Jeffrey's care:

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