Thursday, November 20, 2014

Passing off

Following my video post on Apache, I received this comment on my post which I have extracted and published below as it is important that such matters be brought to the attention of people who may be adversely affected by it.

Hello Mr David,
That is an outstanding bird!

Recently, there is a bird offered for sale by a Singaporean breeder claiming that it is the grandson of Apache. I am doubtful of this breeder's claim as I do not believe that he owns any Apache's offsprings. I was told by others that Apache only have a handful of offsprings so far and they are all owned by your friends. Can you kindly advise?

If anybody is considering to acquire this claimed grandson of Apache, please note that Apache has had only a handful of chicks and I have not parted with any of them except to Jeffrey who has Funkie.  Jeffrey has chicks from Funkie, but except for a male that he sold to a friend who still has it, Jeffrey has not parted with any of Funkie's chicks.

I frequently receive information that unscrupulous people are offering to sell birds that are falsely claimed to have been bred by me or from my line of birds.  In most cases, these claims are false and buyers should take care.

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