Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DDS296 (011214)

This is Skyhawk's son, DDS296.  He is 36 days old.  His taimong tails are 3.6" at this age and they have the potential to grow beyond 6".  This is a guess made on the basis that the white and black tails are still almost in line and the growth may continue at an average of about 0.1" a day until the taimong is 65 days old.

If the taimong tails exceed 6", I would expect its first molt tails to be12" to 13+".  This does not mean that taimongs with shorter tails will not have long first molt tails.  Falcon's son, DDS267, which is owned by Michael, had taimong tails of 5.5" but his first molt tails appear to exceed 12"

DDS296 also has the structure, standing position and character that I wish to have in my line of shamas.  Young birds such as this make me impatient for them to complete their development as taimongs and then their first molt so that I can see if their potential is realised.  Its like choosing a puppy. The adult dog may or may not turn out as expected.

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