Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend news

Curve won a consolation prize in the competition at Kim Keat yesterday. About 70 shamas took part in the competition and there were 30 shamas in the final round, including Curve.

I was encouraged by Curve's performance.  This was the first time that he had been in a shama gathering.  He seemed uncertain as to how he should react but he was not afraid or intimidated by the other shamas around him.  His wings were tight to his body and he sang occasionally.  He probably needs a bit more training to do better.

Apart from shamas, there was also a competition for Jambuls (red-whiskered bulbuls) at Kim Keat. I think more than 300 Jambuls took part in the competition with a final round of 80 birds.  Michael entered one bird for the competition and it was champion.

Below is a video of Yuto that I received over the weekend.  He was bred by Jeffrey and he is now owned by Somchai.  Yuto is a young first molt shama that is part of the well known DDS line of shamas. He is an example of the type of shama that Jeffrey, Michael and I strive to produce.  As serious hobbyists, our aim is to breed the shama of our dreams with constant attention to the bloodline and how to improve it by careful outcrossing.  We never try to breed for quantity so you won't find us pairing 20 to 30 pairs just to get the numbers as this type of "puppy farm" breeding cannot produce the quality that we want.

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