Monday, September 29, 2008

Shama Prices - 29th September 2008

Yesterday (Sunday) morning, I was discussing the prices of wild-caught shamas with a friend. He often travels to West Malaysia and has friends in several of the states who are knowledgeable about shamas. He told me that the price of shamas in West Malaysia has generally been rising. Also, it is almost impossible nowadays find a newly wild-caught male with tales of even 11" let alone 12".

I asked for indicative prices of shama males and this is what he said. The asking price of a newly-caught male shama with 8 1/2" tales (commonly referred to as an 8 1/2" shama)is about MR1000.00 - 9"+ will set you back about MR2,500.00 while the recent asking price of a 10" shama is MR6,000.00.

If anyone has information on shama prices in Singapore or Malaysia, please let me know by email so that I can update this post for general information.