Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shama Prices(2) - 30th September 2008

In response to my post on shama prices, I received this response from a friend in West Malaysia:
Dear David,
I read in your blog regarding Shama prices with interest. I have lost touch of Shama prices generally. To me it is exorbitant especially the 8"+ and 9"+ Shamas. The 10" and above ones, I do understand as they are very hard to find.
8"+ Shama (I believe possibly 8.4 to 8.6") bought for RM200 and was subsequently sold to a friend for the same amount.
Today, I am giving away one 8.2" wild caught Shama to a friend (I bought it for RM150)
I am not saying the prices quoted by your friend are incorrect. Just maybe his sources has been too well educated. I believe in K.L. the prices quoted by your friend would stand.
Warmest regards.

My reply:

Thanks for the information. I should have clarified that the price is not affected only by the length of tails but also by other factors such as the softness of the tail feathers, the structure of the bird etc. The prices are for wild-caught birds that seem to have the potential to be top birds. I also appreciate that prices will tend to vary depending on the locality and whether the sellers are used to high prices being offered for their birds previously.

My friend's response:

Yes, prices do varies depending on quality - curve tail, soft tail, nice posture, loud voice (at this juncture tak tak sound for most birds and sometimes loud songs from really fierce specimen that still retain their form despite being captured).