Monday, December 2, 2013


Below are 3 videos of Phoenix that were recorded yesterday.  The first video was recorded by Michael on his handphone and sent to me by Whatsapp, so its not very clear. It shows Phoenix and a little of Skyhawk which is the only shama beside him. The other 2 videos were recorded by me on my handphone.

I have not measured the length of Phoenix's tails but for those who want to estimate how long they are, they may wish to know that the size of the cage is 30 inches.  A 30 inches cage has a diameter of 30" i.e. 15" on either side of the perch.  If the shama is standing in the centre of the perch, he will be at the widest point of the cage. Give an allowance of say 1 1/2" for the rear end of the bird before the start of the tails.  This means that if the tails are straight like a ruler and they touch the bars of the cage, the tails will be approximately 13 1/2".  In Phoenix's case the tails protrude well beyond the cage bars so I would estimate their length to be 14 1/2" to 15".

The cage is a little small to accommodate his long tails.  However, because the tails are soft, they tend not to fray.  This is the type of tails I try to line-breed for - not too soft and not to stiff.  I don't want the tails to be too soft as they tend to droop.

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