Monday, December 2, 2013

Reviving a lifeless puppy

As readers of my blog will know, I frequently discuss with, and/or consult, Jeffrey Low on matters relating to the health, care and nutrition of my shamas.

Below is text and a video that I took from Jeff's youtube.  It was published yesterday and shows his miraculous efforts to revive a lifeless newly born puppy.  While the text and video are not about birds as such, they do show Jeff's knowledge and ability in animal care.

Here in Jeff's words is what happened, followed by the video:  "This was the last of the 9 pups from a rottie bitch whelping for the first time. It wasn't an easy one with 4 breech deliveries. This last pup was huge and the contractions were weak. The bitch was already exhausted by then (and so was I). The last pup was stuck near the exit for quite sometime and the sac was already broken. It had suffocated and came out without any signs of life. Good thing I didn't give up on him.

The whole process of delivering the 9 pups took about 10 hours. A total of 6 cc of calcium gluconate in 3 divided doses were administered intra-muscularly to support the contractions. Oxytocin was only injected im after the last pup was delivered.

I am happy that all 9 pups survived and are doing well as of now. 2 were fostered to another bitch with a smaller litter."

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