Thursday, November 20, 2014

Passing off

Following my video post on Apache, I received this comment on my post which I have extracted and published below as it is important that such matters be brought to the attention of people who may be adversely affected by it.

Hello Mr David,
That is an outstanding bird!

Recently, there is a bird offered for sale by a Singaporean breeder claiming that it is the grandson of Apache. I am doubtful of this breeder's claim as I do not believe that he owns any Apache's offsprings. I was told by others that Apache only have a handful of offsprings so far and they are all owned by your friends. Can you kindly advise?

If anybody is considering to acquire this claimed grandson of Apache, please note that Apache has had only a handful of chicks and I have not parted with any of them except to Jeffrey who has Funkie.  Jeffrey has chicks from Funkie, but except for a male that he sold to a friend who still has it, Jeffrey has not parted with any of Funkie's chicks.

I frequently receive information that unscrupulous people are offering to sell birds that are falsely claimed to have been bred by me or from my line of birds.  In most cases, these claims are false and buyers should take care.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The video is of Apache who is just completing his molt.  Some shamas display a great deal but do not sing.  Others sing but do not display.  To perform at its best, a shama needs to be able to combine song with display and also have courage and stamina. Apache has all these qualities.

Moreover, Apache is able to pass his assets to his offspring. Examples of his outstanding male offspring are Cochise, Piston and Funkie.  In fact, his sons may be assessed as even better than their father.

Apache is getting on in years and for the forthcoming breeding season, I intend to concentrate on obtaining his chicks from several females in order to preserve his genes.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Samyong

About a week ago, I transferred both my samyongs to outdoor aviaries.

Their songs have continued to improve.  Here is a recording of a song this morning.  The rough sounds that used to accompany a change of song notes have all but disappeared.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Leucistic China Thrushes

This morning, Darren Yeo, released his pair of male and female leucistic china thrushes into his breeding aviary.  They took to each other immediately.  As can be seen in the video, they started plucking leaves that they carried about.  This may be part of the mating ritual.  There was the usual nesting material but the thrushes seemed to ignore it in preference for the fresh leaves on the bush.

Darren had also placed a basket in the bush as the china thrushes are known to build cup shaped nests.  However, the birds seem to be more curious about the open top nest-box that Darren installed for his shamas. It will be interesting to see if they prefer the box to the usual cup nest.

Samsom (DDS265)

This is Samsom at the age of 6 months and with the first molt almost completed.  The video shows him challenging a shama that has been many times champion, immediately after a road trip of many hours.

This is the type of shama that I try to produce in my line of birds - elegant structure, reasonably long tails, good song, display and with a strong character.

He looks quite capable of doing well in a competition even at this young age but I am always in no hurry to compete my birds.  I would rather let them mature and develop their potential before they enter the chai.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Golden Boy

William Kwa's 1st molt shama Golden Boy which was bred by Michael from Alpha and Killer.  It is about due for its 2nd molt but it still has quite good form.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Samyong

This is a recent video recording of my samyong:

Monday, November 3, 2014


This is Skyhawk's grandson (Falcon's son), DDS274M.  He is just over 5 months old having hatched on 27th May 2014.

He was transferred from the molting aviary to the cage the day before the video was recorded.  At this time, just after the molt of this very young male, he has no interest in females. The video shows him singing on his own without a male close by that could agitate him.

The video shows the form that I hope my birds will have as they complete their molt.  If the bird has had a good molt (as in the case of DDS274M), it should have some form on completing the molt and the form should improve and progressively build up over the next 1 1/2 months until the bird reaches its best form for that stage of its life.

DDS274 is the first of Skyhawk's 6 grandsons (hatched this year), to complete his molt. One grandson is with Michael. The other 4 grandsons are still with me.  They are molting but from what I can see, they seem to have inherited the same type of character and display that DDS274M has. I am of course very much looking forward to the time when I will also be able to transfer them from the molting aviary to the cage when their potential can be better assessed..

Monday, October 27, 2014

Update on DDS265, "Samsom"

There are 4 posts that I have in mind to do and for which I already have the videos, photographs and materials.  These are:

1.  My impressions of the Samyong after keeping 2 males for 16 months with suggestions on how to care for it.

2.  Method to polygamously breed the white-rumped shama.

3.  Breeding Wax Worms

4.  A series of video grabs showing in pictures the attitude of an aggressive male shama in display. Below is a photo from the collection:

Please note that the above articles presently exist only in my mind and may be published in due course or not at all.

Meanwhile here is an update video on the molt of DDS265 in the 8 days since October 16.  Jeffrey says that the sheaths of the 2 primary feathers are still present and the feathers are still growing. I will post a further update when the molt is completed.

Somchai, who owns Samsom had also acquired Samsom's sister from Jeffrey. Here she is after the first molt under Jeffrey's care: