Friday, June 6, 2008

Report on Breeding Shamas in 2006

written on March 24, 2007

Of the 10 male shamas that I bred last year, an unusually high number (7) were of excellent quality according to what I have in mind. They were: Charcoal, Movement, Dream, Skinny Boy, Pretty Boy, Wild Boy and Beauty. Of the 10 chicks, I will be keeping Charcoal, Movement, Pretty Boy and Beauty. Below is a photo of Pretty Boy that was taken today:

And here is Gifted, the proud father of Icon, Gem, Dream, Skinny Boy, Pretty Boy and Wild Boy. The nesting material on the floor has been scattered by the female. It indicates that she will be building the nest soon. This is the same pair that bred Pretty Boy and the other Boys and I have great hopes from them this year.

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