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Breeding in Europe

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 7:27 am Post subject: Thank you all.


I must pay tribute because after one year unsuccessfully trying to breed the Shama followed by lots off reading studying and writing. It all started to happen.
Madonna my new female Shama who I selected for her looks and appearance and placed in the Royal suite at a distance off 7 yards of Beauty but in sight of him. Did start to make a nest in a plant basket (I can see that on TV because of a small camera installed in the greenhouse).

I immediately replaced that plant with a nest box as David prescribed at his site.
She inspected it and in no time her nest was ready in the mean time I placed Beauty in a cage in the greenhouse close to Madonna. He was not happy. I caught the last remaining bird my most precious one a black headed bulbul who is recovering of a disease. So now Madonna and Beauty have the Royal suite in privacy.

After 24 hours I opened the cage first thing Beauty did was to inspect the nest just as David foretold.

What happened next I could not see because it was outside the range off the camera but shortly after, he found the way to the aviary and gave a concert I never heard before and she took a bath.

The next day was a bit quarrelling Beauty was chasing Madonna but not on a level it made me worry.

The next day Madonna was in the ground less than 2 yards from my feet and Beauty went to here he sat 2 inches away from here softly singing his head very low to the ground. Madonna was listening absolutely not afraid than he took off for a cricket or a moth it was all peace and harmony.

Last Sunday morning they had their first egg. Now they have three eggs but she does not breed so there is more to come.

So it looks it will all go alright off course there are questions will Beauty be fertile ???

I will keep you posted.

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