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My Shama Breeding

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Godfather's genes are in every single one of the shamas that I now have. He is still producing though I would guess that he must be more than 12 years old. No one can be sure as he was wild-caught and passed through several hands before reaching me. Because of the quality of his genes I still try to breed him though he is producing less as he is getting old.

I have tried more than 30 males as studs over the years and only Godfather and his progeny are constant producers of the type of shama that I am trying to breed. Whatever success I have had is due solely to Godfather and he will remain always with me.

Quest and Ideal are Godfather's great-grandsons. Their father is Melody who, because he produced Ideal, must now be regarded as possibly a prepotent producer i.e. a stud that is able to produce as good as or better than himself. Melody is still with me.

Melody's father was Musketeer. He was an outstanding male and a fantastic producer. In addition to Melody, he also produced Legend and Flute. Flute is now in Penang.

Unfortunately, Musketeer has passed away. My very good friend thought that he was the best bird in my house at the time and I lent him together with Melody's mother to him to breed. Musketeer ate crickets contaminated with Baygon that my friend had purchased from the birdshop and he died. It was just one of those things that sometimes happen.

Of Musketeer's sons, the most outstanding is Legend (Melody's brother from the same nest) who has this year produced a son, "Charcoal" which may turn out to be even better than him. Breeding is mostly frustration but sometimes the rewards make it worthwhile.

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