Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Letter from Arjan (Holland)

Hello David.

I finally found your Blog.

I tried sometimes earliër but this time I was succesfull.
Lots to read and lots to learn. Congratulations.

Just a small update about our doings in Holland. Our two breeding birds are going fine Madonna en Beauty. The first nest was to my opinion to soon in February. I thought it was infertile so I left her on the nest (A very poor nest she made.)
It turned out to be fertile but due to the poor nest we had handicaped

The next nest gave us four beautiful young birds.

The third nest was a complete story I will tell later but is also a very beautifull nest of four and now she has a nest from three young ones.

LT, our for European standard long-tailed Shama, was a notorious egg eater. We tried everything to keep him and his female bird to stop doing that but every attempt failed. At last we gave this couple a foster child, a laughing thrush and to our
surprise they turned out to be great parents. Unfortunetly they immediatly turned back to their old habbit as soon as the female started to lay eggs again. So we switched the females.

Now its Eve's turn, a daughter of Beauty and Madonna, a very good singing female but more a melanopercnus as a tricolor. She is doing great as a mother, and LT stopped picking eggs. At the moment they take care of four youngs from Beauty and Madonna and she has four eggs of her own.

The first nest of Eve and LT, I wanted to breed on a safe place so I switched the eggs with Eve and Madona was killed instantly by the young of Madonna who were still in the flight. So another lesson learned. Never keep young shama's near to hatching eggs.

So far eleven young shamas.

Warm regards


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