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Frog Containers & Nesting Material

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The photo below shows the type of containers that I use to keep froglets and insects to feed the birds in the aviary.

The frog container has a green cover on it. Such containers are available from shops selling tropical fish and are meant to house small turtles, frogs etc. The top part of the cover is cutaway but an overhanging lip is retained to prevent the froglets from crawling out. The froglets climb the sides of the container and cannot get out because of the overhang. The other container contains the crickets, mealworms and pineapple beetles. It is larger than the one that I use for individual birds as it is in the breeding aviary and the larger size makes it easier for the pair to get the insects when feeding their young. I do not restrict the type of food that the birds eat but place sufficient for the day in the containers and the birds eat what they want.

The photo below shows the type of nesting material that I use. It is made of natural fibres that I cut from the local brooms that I buy. The fibres are placed in a container so that they can be easily removed when washing or cleaning the aviary. The female pulls the fibres from the container and then picks them from the floor and transports them to the aviary.

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