Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Request To Purchase Female Shama - 8th October, 2008

Below is an email I received yesterday and my reply

Good day Uncle David,

This is _____ ...I think you would still remember me..

How is everything down there in S'pore?...

I can see that you had another exceptional year of breeding shama's...


Today I spent about 7 hours going thru your blog...& I just can't keep it in me anymore...

I really thought about this for quite some time now...But was very affraid to ask you...I'm not much of a talker & a very quite person...Even harder for me to talk/ask a person like you whom i respect so much....But can you sell me 1 of your female's for my own breeding program?..

I know how you tresure your females & I would do the same if I had bred such superior quality birds..

I really wanna breed sharma's even thou I've lost ...I've been searching high & low for the best birds with superior character & features & i beleive now i have a good male which will be the cornerstone of my breeding..It has the softest tails that i have ever seen & it is already tame & singing im sure he is ready for breeding...Now I have a female of 5" tails in my aviary molting but total feature wise, I dont like it..But if I can get a female from you then heaven knows..hehehe

I've been away from the forum for quite some time, went out looking for the best birds instead of just sitting in front of the computer looking at birds I can't have...So now I've got few potetial birds but I will only breed the 8 3/4" soft tail bird...Even got 2 Grik Tai-Mongs..hehehe...1 is 5.1" tails partly molted & another is 4 1/2" most beautifull wild caught tai-mong i've ever seen...hehehe...I have some hope for them, but I just have to wait & see..

So hope you can consider selling me a female for breeding...
& even though you decide not to sell it to me i would not be dissapointed coz as said above, I know you tresure your females so much...

Hi ___,

I am sorry that I am not able to accommodate your request. Presently, my females are available to only my very closest friends. Perhaps, in the future, when I stop breeding completely, it may be different.

Please let me know when you are in Singapore. I would like it if we could meet.

Best regards,