Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Arjan's young shamas

Hello David

I like to introduce you to two of my young birds.

Lodewijk I and Harrie.

Lodewijk is son of Beauty and Madonna 9 month old now and an excellent singer.
He is quite large and sings all day.
He is the first one you can see and hear. At the end of Lodewijks scene you can see his reaction when he spots a shama female for the first time in his adult live

Harry is an different story 4 month old now son of LT and Eve.
At first you can see him in the garden but that is all new to him later he is back in the living room
And more at ease on the background you hear Lodewijk and lots of other birds.
Harrie is I think quite a promise.
He still has the adolescent brown wings, he sings very loud.
He is much more aggressive as Lodewijk I He was handfed by a friend of mine.
Although he is Sumatran he is different than Beauty and his offspring.
Just like LT his tail is not so thick and a bit less stiff.
Could it be that LT and Harry have the genes of the Atjeh Sumatra.

You can see them on You Tube.

I hope you like it

Warm regards

David De Souza to Arjan
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Hi Arjan,

Thankyou for introducing me to your 2 young birds. Both have beautiful voices but if I had to select, my preference would be Harrie. Considering that he is only 4 months old, he has a very rich and melodious voice as he sings his non-aggressive loud song.

From Lodewijk's reaction to the female towards the end of the video of him, I would guess that he has matured and is in breedable condition.

Best regards,


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