Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Juvenile Shamas

The shama is a unique songbird with an unrivalled combination of infinitely variable and musical song, a beautiful combination of contrasting colours, and (in the most desirable males) exquisite long tails and a truly amazing display.

Juveniles (referred to in Singapore and Malaysia as "taimongs") will not have developed the adult's colours, full song and display but indications of what the juvenile will be as an adult into may be visible.

Below is a video of DDS239. He is the offspring of Apache and Super Model's Daughter. He was bred by me and is now owned by Jeffrey Low. A feature of his display is a unique ability to fan out his white tail feathers. His display in the video indicates that he will be an aggressive and dominant male when he matures. From my past experience with shamas from my breeding, his relatively long juvenile tails suggests that he will have adult tails exceeding 12".

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