Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Letter from Netherlands

Sat, Nov 7, 2009

Hello David,
It has been a time ago when I contacted you.

Everything all right with your birds ?
Now I want to start something new, but I might be going to fail. So I am going to you for info.

What I'm thinking of is to breed shamas in breeding cages of 100*50*50 cm = 50*25*25 inches. These cages have a separation in the middle, so the birds can see each other but not come close to each other.

When the birds are in breeding condition, as you discribe on your site, then take the separation away and the
male can do his job. Afterwards put the separation back. Do this every evening till the female lays her eggs.
Just as I do when I breed canaries !
(when do you think shamas have the age to start breeding, 1 year or must they have a higher age ?)
I have seen on the Malaysian bird forum that there are breeders who bred shamas in cages of 26 ich.
Do you know such breeders and if so, are they working the same as I have in mind ?
Or is this all a dream and absolutely not possible ?
Hi Roel,

I have not introduced male and female shamas in the way you mention, though I have done this with canaries. With shamas, I merely read the signs that the birds are ready to be mated and I then introduce them. If the male displays and sings when the cage with the female is close and she does the same the birds are ready.

If you do wish to try introducing the birds in the way that you mention, I would suggest that as soon as the birds seem compatible, they should be left together. We are dealing with wild birds and separating them will likely adversely affect their propensity to mate.

Unless you have a special reason for wanting to breed the shamas in a small cage, I don't see and benefit in doing so. I partner in breeding shamas did try to breed them in a 30" cage just to see if it could be done. The birds built their nest but the female did not lay. I don't see any problem with breeding shamas in a small cage if the birds are tame but like I said, I see no benefit in doing so and I have no wish to try.

Best regards,


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