Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Video of Sky Hawk

Here are 2 short videos of Sky Hawk.  They were both recorded during the same session.

He has only just finished his molt.  His form is starting to rise as should be the case when the shama has had a good molt.  His top form is still 1 to 1 1/2 months away.  When in top form his songs will increase in variety and he will "play" the cage as in previous videos.

The shama singing in the background is Max.  He has a beautiful melody sung in a somewhat baritone voice in contrast to Sky Hawk's soprano. He is in an aviary about 15 feet from the recorder.


  1. hi david, as u know that he is one of my favourite shama. It is glad to see him again after so long. and i'm glad his performance is still the sama as before. Did you took him back for your breeding process? Regards Wongkoi.

  2. HiWongkoi, Sky Hawk is also one of my favorite shamas. He is easy to keep. His tails are always together and his display is spectacular. He is now fully mature. I have not bred him so far but intend to do so next year. David