Monday, November 29, 2010

Shama Competitions(2)

The Cheng San Bird Singing Club held a shama competition yesterday morning.  I entered 2 birds for the competition – Apache (Competition No. 15) and his son, Helmet (Competition No. 26).

Shama singing competitions in Singapore are held infrequently; about once every 1 to 2 months.  A week ago, Kebun Bahru held its shama competition when Apache placed 6th.   The Cheng San competition, held so shortly after, did not provide much time to improve his form.

I nevertheless did what I could to prepare Apache.  His form kept improving during the week and he was singing well by yesterday. 

Apache sang much better in yesterday’s competition than he had a week ago.  His songs were frequent, varied and forceful.  However, he did not display during the competition.  The marks for display form only a small part of the total marks in shama competitions in Singapore, with the emphasis being on song.  Nevertheless, it is necessary to take some points for display as the difference in being or not being champion can vary by less than a ½ point.

Apache came in third in yesterday's competition.  His total marks were 53.4.  The 1st and 2nd birds tied at 53.8 points with the top position being decided by the marks of the last round.

Helmet placed 6th in yesterday's competition.  It was his first competition.  In fact, he has hardly ever been brought out of my home.  He had been entered in the competition just to provide practice as his form was not good enough for a top prize. I was happy with his showing since I had only taken him from the garden aviary a week ago.  His form had rapidly improved during the week.  He had displayed and sang during the competition and a 6th placing showed a promise of things to come if I wished to seriously enter him for competition in the future.

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