Friday, May 20, 2011

Alan's Shamas(2)

I understand that Alan has had overwhelming response for his taimongs.  There were 4 taimongs and 3 went to new homes yesterday morning.  The last taimong is the one below.  This photo and 2 additional photos of it are on Alan's blog:

No comment need be made on the remaining taimong as the picture speaks for itself.  I think he has decided to keep it.

BTW I had a phone call from a friend yesterday that there were 2 first molt wild-caught shamas available for sale in Singapore.  One was supposed to have a tail-length of 12" and the other 11".  The prices were S$3,500.00 and S$3,000.00 respectively.  I was also informed that their primary tails had shed recently but I could view the old tails.  I knew the seller and he could be relied on if he said that the shed tails were formerly on the birds.

The prices seemed reasonable.  I was interested and went after work to view the birds. Both did not have form so their structures and characters could not be assessed.  The lack of form is not surprising as the birds were molting and their main diet was dried food.

I asked to see the tails and they were produced.  One set was 9" and the other was 9 1/2" .  The seller clarified that it was their fathers (and not them) that had tails of 11" and 12" so my friend who phoned me must have had mufflers covering his ears or he needs to see a ear doctor.  I didn't mind making the trip, though, as I am happy to view shamas that may be of interest.

Wow, I thought, the prices of shamas in Singapore have really shot through the roof but there must be demand since this particular seller used to charge about half the sum for similar birds not so long ago.

All in all, taking into consideration the length of tails etc, the 2 birds were not what I was looking for to add to the gene pool of my birds and I made no offer for them.

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  1. I suspect your friend MUST be in his own house whereby all his bird is in super top form and sing loudly which affect his hearing.. :p