Monday, July 22, 2013


On weekends, I like to gather with a few friends at one of our houses and spend some time with the birds that they choose to bring along.  Yesterday (Sunday), the gathering was at my home.

I took the opportunity to assess Goose's potential.  He recently completed his first moult from taimong and I had transferred him from the moulting aviary to a cage only last Sunday.  It takes about 1 1/2 months for a male shama to achieve top form after the moult and, whilst I did not expect him to perform at his best, I hoped to see sufficient in his performance to assure me that the potential that I believed he has, would likely be realised.

Goose did not disappoint.  Throughout the 1 1/2 hours of the gathering, he sang and displayed.  There was constant movement from him suggesting that when he reaches top form, he will likely have a spectacular display.

Goose was hatched on 21st May 2012 so he was 14 months old yesterday.  However, like most of my shamas, he is maturing slowly.  His beak still shows traces of immaturity as can be seen from the second photo below and he does not react to a female placed close to him.  Further, his inner beak is almost completely pale. This makes his performance yesterday all the more remarkable.  However, I expected him to do well as he is the son of Ballet Dancer and his mother is Apache's daughter.  He seems to have inherited the desirable features from both parents.

His photos are below:

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  1. Wow, goose has really grown . The last time u heard if goose was when he was just a taimong which u posted of him at scf. Thanks again .