Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scaly legs

Cyberboyz1010 asks what can be done if a shama has scaly legs?

I would firstly comment that a bird that receives proper nutrition and is offered daily bathing facilities is unlikely to have scaly legs. If a bird has scaly legs and it does not seem to cause discomfort, I would suggest that there is no need to remove the scales.  If it is desired to do so, below are 2 methods, either of which requires the bird to be caught.

Hold the bird in the hand and immerse the legs in very warm water. The water should be as warm as your hand can tolerate.  The soaking will soften the scales. After soaking for a minute or so, gently peel off the scales.

The other method is to use a light oil instead of warm water to soften the scales.  In the past, I have used Johnson's Baby Oil.  Hold the bird in the hand and gently rub some oil on the scales until they soften then peel off the scales.

Its been many years now since my birds have had much scales on their legs. I attribute this to good diet and daily bathing.

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