Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shama tails

Pretty Good, Pretty Boy's son from this year has just shed his primary tails.  Both were shed on the same day.  The tails are about 7" as shown in the photograph.  How long will the first moult tails be?

Firefly, who is Pretty Boy's son from last year had taimong tails of 6.5" and his first moult tails were 13.5" (I always measure tip to tip).

Pretty Boy's son, Chilli, from a later nest had taimong tails of 6.75" and his first moult tails were 12.5".  Chilli has recently completed his 2nd moult from taimong and his primary tails look like they exceed 14". BTW, I like him very much.  He has much of the qualities that I want in a shama. Superb structure, courage, display and wonderful song.  He has recently learnt some of the Samyong's songs and also picked up the siren sound of an ambulance.  The siren song is modified so it is very pleasant.

Skyhawk has also just shed his tails and they are 14".

Pretty Good's tails are the longest of the taimongs that I have bred over the years.  It will be interesting to see if his first moult tails exceed 13.5".

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