Monday, September 9, 2013

Firefly and Dragon videos

Firefly Video
This video of Firefly was recorded in March this year under artificial lighting:

Dragon Video
The video below is of Dragon at Jurong East where shama hobbyists gather on Friday nights. It was recorded with my hand-phone on 6th September, 2013.

I got Dragon from Dragon House Birds and Accessories in August 2011. I have since used him to cross with my birds.  He has recently completed his moult and his tails are much shorter than before the moult - probably because he had been used for breeding.

This was his first outing to a bird gathering since I got him.  Considering that it was his first outing and at night, his performance was not bad.


  1. Hi David,

    My name is Phuc and i would like to thank you for posting such detail information that i wouldnt be able to get here in the States. Its amazing to see all the shamas there (in the video) have such long tail and beautiful cages.

    Best regards,

    Phuc Do

  2. There is another "comment" from Phuc that I am posting below for easy reference.

    "I was wondering which flavor of "From fatigued to Fantastic" kind do you use. There is also a capsule type...i just want to get the right kind. I couldn't get my hands on 3 coins, instead i have Mazuri pellets. Should I train my birds to eat powder form instead (by ground them with a coffee grinder)?? I also recalled a post about how people refer pellets over powder form since it would not cloud the water. The reason that I asked for your advice is because I noticed that my birds don't eat all the pellets that they grab and a good amount of it slipped off the beak and fall down to the ground. Thank you kindly for sharing your method. I want to try it out since my birds are molting at this time."

    The flavour doesn't matter. Get the powdered type. Mazuri pellets are fine for shamas.

    I prefer to feed pellets instead of powder and I have always done so. If you find pellets on the floor, it's because the bird is not used to the pellets and scatters them with its beak as it tries to look for food in the cup. The remedy is as follows: Cut some insects such as crickets and mealworms. I do this by putting the insects in a tallish container so that they cannot jump out and use a scissors to cut at random. It only takes a few seconds. Grind some pellets into powder and add to the cut insects so that the insects are coated with the powder. Add some pellets.

    The shama will eat the cut powder coated insects and in this way, get used to the pelleted food in powder form. After a few days, start to reduce the quantity of cut insects with powdered pellets and slowly increase the amount of pellets until the bird is freely eating the pellets. Shamas that are eating the pellets well will not scatter them on the floor.

  3. Thanks for sharing david. Until today, I still love your birds . Thks alot. Firefly is another beauty. With lots of vigor.