Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Form after moult

3rd post - 23/10/13 +7 days

Rave's form has continued to improve since the 2nd post that was uploaded on 25th October.

He is starting to display and sing as can be seen in the video below. His form still has a long way to go as suggested by the pink colour of his inner beak.  As experienced shama owners know, the inner beak will progressively darken until it is almost black as the male shama approaches top form.

The video below shows Rave singing and displaying on his own with no other shama close by.  His songs already have variety but they are still soft.  The songs will get more varied and louder as his form improves.

If Rave's form continues to improve as I expect, I will post the next update video in about 5 days.

The earlier posts on Rave are after the video of Michael's 15" shama.

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