Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The video below was recorded late yesterday evening.  It is of Flame's son, DDS344.  He hatched on 14 May 2013 so he is now slightly more than 6 months of age.  I estimate his primary tails to be10.5" to 11".  After another 2 moults, the tails should well exceed 12".

DDS344's elder brother is Rave.  I have transferred Rave to an outdoors aviary to make way for other young shamas (DDS344, DDS347 and Pretty Good) to be in cages.  I need to have the young shamas in cages after the moult to get them used to the cage and to people.

DDS344 completed his moult early but it was a good moult.  Most shamas his age will still be in their juvenile feathers.  However, notwithstanding his adult plumage, he is still quite immature as can be seen from the broad base of his beak.

At this stage, he is still to young to have an interest in females or to react to other males or to contest territory.  Apart from his "baby" beak", the pale colour of the inside of his beak shows his immaturity and tells us that he is likely to have little form. At this age, if he was free in the forest, he would probably be hanging out at the outskirts of a territory held by a dominant male while he matures and learns and and improves on his songs.

DDS344 has the structure and posture that I try to breed into my line of shamas. As regards character and willingness to contest,  I need to test him with other shamas but this should only take place after he has matured some more.  Nevertheless, his video suggests that even at this very young age he has the potential to be a most desirable shama when he develops and matures. Some shamas tend to display and to sing very little.  Others may sing and not display. DDS344 does both.

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