Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Letter from Portugal, incubators and brooders

Paulo Jorge Pereira
Dec 2 (2 days ago)

December 2, 2013,
Dear David,

I never had the chance to thank you for your introduction to Sjef. I already spoke 
with him over skipe and might pay him a visit in my next travel to Holland. 
Thank you.

I just read your last article on breeding shamas with the help of an incubator. Is there
a special brand you recommend. I'n about to go for a small one, probably an 
RCOM but could use some of your advise.

My male shama just finished the molt and is improving his singing with your Rave, 
as I play him back and forth on Youtube when around. Thanks


Hi Paulo,
December 2, 2013

I was more than happy to assist.

I use the Brinsea brand of incubators and brooders which I have found to be 
reliable.  The model of the incubator that I use is the Brinsea Octagon 20.  
This is their smallest incubator but it will probably be too large for you if you
only intend to incubate shama eggs.

I have friends who have used the small RCOM incubators and I think they 
should be alright.  I would not use the large RCOM brooder as they seem 
to be intended more for parrots which do not require a relative humidity
higher than 65.
The RCOM is very high tech and the relative humidity (RH) cannot be set 
higher than 65 which is too dry for shama chicks. 

I set the relative humidity (RH) for shama chicks at about 80 - 85 which
seems to be just right.

Best regards,


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