Monday, February 10, 2014

Candling shama eggs

Here’s a useful tip for breeders that Michael shared with me.

For many years I have checked if my shama eggs are fertile by using a Brinsea Egglume light. Michael has noted that the light from a smartphone with camera function is just as effective.  The camera emits a cool light that will not damage the egg.

If you do not as yet have the light function on your smartphone, you will need to download and install the widget so that you can switch the light on and off as needed.  

Place the egg on the light as shown in the photos below and you will be able to see if the egg is developing and the stage of development.

The egg below is an undeveloped egg.

The egg below has been incubated for 6 days.  The blood vessels can be clearly seen.  

Whilst not visible from the photo, at 6 days, the pumping heart of the embryo can be seen.

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