Monday, April 14, 2014

Shamas for sale

To the many people who responded to my post of 11 April and registered their interest to obtain a shama from me, thank you. I have acknowledged all the emails that I received.  Your names have been placed on the list and I will contact you if I have a taimong that I think may interest you.  You can then view the bird and decide if it is what you want.

Unlike in previous years and for the first time, I intend to try to breed sufficient male shamas to meet market demand for my birds. Persons who wish to obtain a male shama from my line of birds may therefore wish to register their interest with me at this time so that they can be assured that I will have them in mind.  This is important as I intend to stop breeding when I have sufficient taimongs to meet demand.

As always, I breed shamas as a hobby. It is not my business and I don't intend to make it a business.  My shamas will therefore not be bred using "puppy farm" methods. Pairs will be carefully chosen to match features and characteristics that I myself want and there will be no indiscriminate mass production to satisfy market demand.  As always, I will be fair in my dealings with people who want my birds.

Below is a video of Chilli.  He was bred by me in 2012 and he is now owned by Darren Yeo.  He is an example of the best of what I strive to produce. The video which was recorded by Darren on his hand-phone, shows Chilli towards the end of his 2nd molt but he should still be in sufficiently good breeding condition for a final clutch of chicks before he enters into molt.

Darren has successfully bred him and the early indications are that he is prepotent (i.e able to produce as good or better than himself).

A shama such as Chilli does not come along very often.  In most years, I will be lucky to get one like him.  In 2012, I was exceptionally lucky and had 3.  Last year, I only had one comparable to him.  This year, as I intend to breed more shamas, it is possible that I may have a few of this quality.

Yesterday, there was a small gathering of friends with their shamas at Michael's home.  I brought along my 10" 2nd molt shama, Jazz. He is the son of a 12" shama from Vietnam crossed with one of my females.

The video below shows him at the gathering.  The shama behind him belongs to NGTC.  The shama on the right is Michael's 8 months old shama from Alpha and Killer.  The shama on the left is Michael's 9 months old shama from the same parents.

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