Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014 Season

DDS265, Ballet Dancer's son, sold by Jeffrey to a hobbyist from Thailand.

Below is a video of Michael's Alpha with Spark's daughter in the breeding aviary.

Some of my female shamas, such as Killer and Spark's daughter, Killer2 don't have very long tails.  However, these birds carry the genes for long tails and other characteristics that have been developed over many generations.  When these females are paired with my males, the offspring, both males and females, may have very long tails.

Alpha has been a fantastic producer for Michael.  He has had more than 20 offspring since last year and continuing to this year as he has not molted.  All his male offspring have tails of not less than 11" after the first molt with good structure and eye catching display. His mate Killer is molting and Michael has replaced her with Killer2.

Unlike Killer, Killer2 has not killed any male shamas.  She is so named because she has many of Killer's characteristics but her display is better than Killer's.  Michael hopes that like Killer, Killer2 will be an outstanding producer.

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